Mastermind Groups for Members

Reach your goals in a supportive group of peers.

In our Mastermind Group program, you’ll gather twice a month online with a group of fellow craft business owners. Share your goals, check-in on your progress, and stay accountable. Throughout the three months of the program, you’ll forge new relationships and cheer each other on. It’s a powerful process.

Choose a topic of interest, and we’ll match you with group members from different areas of the craft industry who have businesses at a similar level to yours; you’ll be paired with peers, not competitors. Come together at a time and day that fits your schedule.

Bonus reward! Everyone who completes the program receives a limited edition enamel pin.

“Regularly interacting in small groups with members of the Craft Industry Alliance has been valuable in seeing creative ways to market my business, exchange ideas for communicating with potential customers, assess new opportunities, and allow me to share my experience and insight.”

Robyn Spady

Founder and Editor,Heddlecraft

The Mastermind Experience

Meet with the same group of people over time to work on moving your business forward.


State your goals out loud. Check-in on your progress, troubleshoot problems and celebrate wins.


Feel supported by a network of peers willing to help. Discover new ideas together.


You don’t have to go it alone. Build relationships in the industry.

Mastermind Groups run for 3 months and meet every other week

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